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Initial Website Review

HotLizard’s SEO team take a holistic approach to the initial website review by covering a number of areas that are key to your website performing well in search engines:

  • URL Structure: Identify the existing URL structure; consider the length of the URL, how descriptive it is, and the use of key terms within it.

  • Page Title: Analyse the page titles to see if they are consistent with the message within the on page copy.

  • Keywords: Work with you to understand your market and brand to enable us to identify key terms used within your existing site.

  • Meta Information: Review the current Meta information used within the site, in particular the Meta descriptions as these are often used to describe pages within the site and are visible in search engines and social media sites.

  • Search Engine Health Check: We will check to make sure your site is listed in the major search engines in your region and that the results reflect the number on pages on your site. Taking the basic brand and keyword information we carry out comprehensive tests to see how well you rank and to ensure that your site is listed. We also compare the cached versions of key pages to those on the site.

  • Backlinks: We carry out an initial inspection to see how many other websites are linking back to your site. Having a good number of backlinks to your site from authoritative domains and trusted sources helps search engines find your site as well as build trust in it.

  • Redirects: Redirects are used to signal search engines and web browsers that something has change and you now need to look somewhere else to find the content. We make recommendations on redirects, as having a new site or updating an existing site it is important to ensure search engines and users don’t end up on broken pages.
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