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  1. HotLizard and Join Forces

    HotLizard and take great pleasure in announcing their new partnership; a strategic alliance that will result in a truly integrated approach to the use of mobile apps within online recruitment. HotLizard has 12 years experience in delivering successful job boards and recruitment websites for a range of businesses, from SME’s through to some of the biggest players in...
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  2. Job Board Solutions - Bespoke v Software

    Whether you have an existing Job Board, or you are looking to set up a new platform, Job Board Software is a term you will have heard or seen many times before, but often people are confused with the options available and what is best for them. Job Board Software Job board software is a term used to describe a website which has been developfed to be used by many different businesses, in...
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  3. Instant Search Google and Recruitment

    Google Instant Search - Levelling the playing field for location based job searching? A morning of playing with Google Instant Search and almost immediately you can see how this will dramatically improve a job seeker’s ability to find relevant jobs, especially for those looking for jobs with direct employers, that is if the employer has a well optimised career website. Instant Search...
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