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  1. Recruitment Websites – A Time to Review?

    If you are worried that your recruitment website is not performing then now is the time to act! Since the beginning of 2013, there have been a number of sources such as Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) report on 8th Feb indicating that the number of jobs is rising. With the change in market conditions, now is a great time to review the effectiveness of your recruitment website to...
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  2. An exciting start to 2013 for HotLizard

    HotLizard are starting the New Year with a new focus for 2013 that involves a brand new pricing structure and a new sales focus, as well as being announced as OnRec finalists . This exciting new pricing structure has been developed to enable the cost for a new job board or website to be spilt across the hosting contract, resulting in the option of launching a site with no upfront fee. There are...
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  3. Castle IT and HotLizard Build on Long Standing Relationship

    Castle IT and HotLizard Build on Long Standing Relationship

    Castle IT have a motto “When it comes to recruitment it’s working together that sets us apart!”, so when it came to refreshing their website of 9 years it was that togetherness of partnering with HotLizard for all these years that set HotLizard apart from the crowd. Castle IT have been a specialist IT recruiter in Aberdeen for the last 15 years and recently felt that they needed to update...
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