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  1. reaches Malta reaches Malta is available internationally and just seen the first board launched in Malta. Currently available in Pounds, Euro’s, American Dollars and Australian Dollars there are plans to develop this instant product from HotLizard further to allow it to have a stronger international presence. The comprehensive upgrade pathway will also start to look at multi lingual solutions as well. For...
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  2. An instant branding change for Materials Jobs

    An instant branding change for Materials Jobs

    Materials jobs first launched their in Oct 2014 and as you can see from the original PR, they looked very different to how they do today! They have taken full advantage of the ability to change the design at any point and have switched to the accelerate design and been able to use their existing content, but displayed in the new design. This change was instant and can be reversed...
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  3. Installing a job board – Installer Jobs

    Installing a job board – Installer Jobs

    Another publication has decided to take advantage of running a job board behind their main site, by setting up a solution from HotLizard. Installer were able to setup the job board in minutes and start to offer a fully functionally job board to their candidates and clients within a matter of days, enabling them to provide better user experiences with more features and functionality...
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