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Job Board Solutions - Bespoke v Software

Whether you have an existing Job Board, or you are looking to set up a new platform, Job Board Software is a term you will have heard or seen many times before, but often people are confused with the options available and what is best for them.

Job Board Software

Job board software is a term used to describe a website which has been developfed to be used by many different businesses, in different sectors, configured to a specific business’ requirements. Job board software has a series of core modules which are packaged to provide a job board solution and will include functionality for the candidate, client and administrator of the platform. Some of these modules will be provided as part of the standard core system or available as optional extras. Searching Google for ‘Job Board Solutions’ delivers a wide range of job board software packages ranging from companies offering extremely low budget options delivered as a simple software package, which is downloaded from the internet. These are often solely vacancy focused using a standard design, whereas an advanced platform used by a national newspaper for example, will have a branded design and include such features as intelligent CV Search & Match, the latest search engine optimisation techniques, client microsites, a mobile specific interface and online payment systems.

Purchasing job board software typically involves either purchasing a licence or renting a licence over a contracted period of time and the more sophisticated platforms require a set up and implementation charge. Although prospective purchasers may by be put off by this charge and lean towards the budget companies, remember that with this option you will be responsible for all of the set up and configuration of your job board. How much experience do you have in working with websites and how much support will you need?

Ongoing support is an essential part of any successful job board and the value is often over looked by the prospective purchaser, especially those on a budget. Job Board Software provided by the most widely recognised providers will include all inclusive support packages, that ensure your website is not only operating to its maximum potential, but will also provide telephone helpdesk support and an upgrade path which keeps your business on the latest platform.

Bespoke Job Boards

Companies who have a specific business requirement or concept may not fit the standard job board software platform and therefore will look for a bespoke solution. A bespoke solution provides companies with an opportunity to develop a website to meet a new recruitment model or concept. As job boards strive to offer more than just a vacancy advertising platform new platforms are evolving, expanding into niche sectors providing additional career features, such as training, applicant tracking and social networking.

When choosing a web development partner, prospective owners need to look at the pedigree of their web development company. Those companies providing job board software may not have the depth of experience or ability to customise the software to encompass requirements beyond extended configuration. A company which has extensive experience of bespoke work within the online recruitment environment is more likely to be able to help as they often will take an approachhei which uses core code as well as developing bespoke functionality. This approach means that common elements are not developed from ‘the ground up’, which allows resources to be focused on developing the functionality around the new concept.

A bespoke project should be a more thorough process including a full specification and creative design process encompassing all aspects of the site and the various user journeys. Usability testing may be carried out during the development stage, to ensure that the site is easy to use. Once development has been included, extensive functionality testing will be carried out prior to the site being handed to a client and launched. It is this attention to detail and quality that means a bespoke project is likely to take longer and cost more, but will be designed to meet a client’s specific requirements.

Which option is best for my company?

Which approach suits you will come down to a series of questions:

  • Do you want to launch a job board quickly?

  • Do you want to reduce the element of risk?

  • Do you want a solution which is tried and tested?

  • Are you happy to use a more standard design?

  • Do you want an upgrade path?

  • Are you on a budget or looking for an affordable payment plan?

If the answers to some or all of these questions are yes, then job board software is likely to be the best option. Job board software is designed to be implemented and configured within weeks rather than taking many months and the use of ‘house style’ design frameworks means that a job board can skinned to reflect a company’s brand in a fraction of the time associated with bespoke design. The leaders in job board software will have carried extensive development and usability testing to ensure any risk of bugs is minimised.

If your answers are no or you’re unsure it may be that your requirements can be addressed by a bespoke platform or a company which can provide you with a more flexible approach and a platform which can be developed to meet a specific brief.

Whichever route you choose to take, it’s important, as with any technology investment, that you do your research as there are a number of suppliers out there that will believe their solutions are the best for you.

HotLizard is a leading online technology and marketing solutions company with highly specialist expertise in the recruitment and corporate staffing sectors. Its suite of innovative solutions and services include bespoke job board solutions, job board software, recruitment website design, recruitment software for recruitment agencies, corporate HR recruitment departments and RPO organisations,  SEO services and digital marketing consultancy.

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