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Instant Search Google and Recruitment

Google Instant Search - Levelling the playing field for location based job searching?

A morning of playing with Google Instant Search and almost immediately you can see how this will dramatically improve a job seeker’s ability to find relevant jobs, especially for those looking for jobs with direct employers, that is if the employer has a well optimised career website.

Instant Search gives you the ability to easily tailor your job search to generate relevant results. This means that in minutes a job seeker can find relevant jobs in their chosen locations, rather than running a number of searches and ploughing through the results pages.

So what does this mean in reality?

We already know that job title and location based searching is the most popular.

At the moment to run a search on Google you type in your criteria, hit search and you get a page of results. It takes time to run the search check the results and refine. Google Instant Search starts displaying results as soon as you start typing. A quick tweak of the search criteria and the results are changing in front of your eyes.

Within minutes I’ve located half a dozen jobs in the towns around me and opened the pages in additional tabs on my browser. I haven’t even looked at page 2, as I’m getting more than enough results simply by changing my query.

The jobs appearing are from websites which have a structure optimised for search engines, but also very relevant content, including good location information, ie a town and county. As many recruitment consultancies try and keep the job location broad, invariably the results include direct employers where the location is completely open.

Its early days, as the new format was only launched yesterday, but my gut feeling is that employers and recruiters who include location information as part of the job advert will start to see benefits quickly. In its drive to deliver relevant information I am sure that Google will position these jobs above job boards’ and recruiters’ adverts with broad location information.

One thing I am sure of though is that this change is going to make it very easy for job seekers to find career sites for direct employers. I can draw up a list of target employers and very quickly search for their career sites. So if you’re a direct employer looking to improve candidate and talent attraction, a well developed career website becomes even more important. Non search engine friendly ATS integrations using the url should not be acceptable; the content of your career website is going to be more important than ever and making sure your jobs can be indexed correctly vital.

Infact if all your jobs are indexed by Google CORRECTLY, Job Seekers may never need to search on a Job Board again. You simply type the Job Board or website you want to search your job title and location and voila.

If you're interested in how you can improve your Website or Job Board please  contact us.

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